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  Wednesday August 27 , 2014  
Anubhav and Barsha, “Hata Dhari Chalutha”


ORB April 29, 2013

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Bhubaneswar: Ollywood stars, macho-man Anubhav Mohanty and glam queen Barsha priyadarshini, pair together in upcoming romantic flick ‘Hata Dhari Chalutha’.

Produced under the banner, Bisnupriya Arts and Graphics, Anubhav’s own production house, the movie will be directed by noted O-town director Chandni Parija.

The movie has a number of melodious tracks composed by Prem Anand including some peppy dance numbers choreographed by Sudhakar Basant who earlier directed Anubhav’s film, ACP Ranveer.

Earlier titled, “Made For Each Other’, the movie is set to hit theatres this Raja amidst audience’s anticipations.
We hope ‘Hatha Dhari chalutha’ stands up to the expectations of movie lovers.

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